Religious Education

At Discovery Academy, we believe that children learn their best when they are showing the Academy values of Discovering, Inspiring, Caring, Improving and Achieving within our curriculum. We believe in aspiration for all so want to create a world where the sky is the limit for all of our pupils; building pathways for all and focusing on personal and academic success and eventually progress to successful employment.

Subject Intent: At Discovery Academy we teach RE to explore big questions about life, to find out what people believe and the difference this makes to how they live, so that the children can make sense of religion, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living. We aim to give the children an understanding of the key beliefs within the major faiths and an awareness of how religions are practised within Britain.

Implementation: We want the children to learn from and about religions. Our RE topics start with a question, which the children answer by looking at videos, stories, festivals, places of worship and visitors. The children learn what followers of religions believe, how this is expressed and how they live their lives.

The KS1 curriculum gives children an opportunity gain a background knowledge of the major religions, learning about key beliefs and practises. Within Lower KS2, children explore the major religions in greater depth, exploring differences within denominations and similarities and differences between religions. During Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to discuss key questions, looking at the viewpoint of different religions, those who have no faith as well as deeply considering their own view. Within all the units, children learn about and from religions and have many opportunities to ask questions.

It is acknowledged that Christmas and Easter will be celebrated by the whole school every year. To avoid repetition, each year group has its own question to focus on in their preparations for these festivals.

Children will be assessed against clear learning challenges. Feedback should be given in order to allow children to progress further or address any misconceptions which may have arisen. Teachers will assess their children against the statements in the Manchester Agreed Local Syllabus.


  • Weekly RE lessons that are based on the units in the Manchester Agreed Local Syllabus as shown in the Curriculum document
  • Weekly RE faith assemblies

Impact: Discovery Academy’s RE curriculum is challenging. By Year 6 we want the children to be confident to discuss big questions, to know what they believe and to respectful and caring about the views of others especially where these are different.