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Online Safety workshop 

Please find below link to the 2022 video for our online safety workshop for parents.

Online safety

The Internet provides both children and staff with instant access to a huge number of resources and up-to-date information from around the world. There is no other way that this amount of information could be made available to schools. It can be used to provide children with personalised learning and also work that appears more in keeping with the real world. Interactive ‘games’ can make practicing skills more interesting. However, there are risks associated with the Internet and other new technologies. These are linked to content, contact, conduct and commerce. The benefits far outweigh the risks as long as children, parents and staff are made aware of the risks and follow safe practices and behaviours.

It is vital our children know how to stay safe when using technology, know what the dangers are and that they know what to do if they are worried or need help.

Here are some useful websites which have information about how to keep children safe online as well as what to do if you have any concerns

Help and advice about issues and how to set and manage parental controls for different devices. This website also has advice for different age groups and stories about e-safety for you to read with your child.

A very useful guide to the different apps children use.

Lots of tips and advice about how to keep children safe online.

information for parents and children about online safety


If you come across illegal content, such as images of child abuse, you can report this to the Internet Watch Foundation at



Online safety guides

These come from the National Online Safety website, which is committed to making the internet a safer place for children. For more information visit the National Online safety website.

National Online Safety | Keeping Children Safe Online in Education

National Online Safety guides:

14 Ways To Be Kind Online

Age Ratings

Amazon Alexa

Apps for Early Years

Call of Duty

Fifa 20


Game consoles

gamers, streamers, influencers

Grand theft auto



Among us

If you require any help or advice with online safety please email