Local Governing Board

At Discovery Academy we have a Local Governing Board (LGB) who work closely with the Executive and Associate Principal and senior leaders at the Academy.Their role is to make key decisions that affect the education and well-being of our pupils. They are vital to the successful running of our Academy.Governors are involved in:

  • Setting the Academy’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Executive Principal to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Academy and making sure money is well spent.

Community and parent representatives form part of our LGB. They are an important link between the local community, parents and the Academy. Parents of pupils at the Academy can elect parent representatives and express their views and make suggestions about the Academy to them.  All Governors are currently appointed by the Trustees after nomination by the Governing Board.  The Local Governing Board for the 2018 / 2019 academic year is:

  • Nicky Wise – Community Governor (Chair)
  • Karen Burns – Trust Governor
  • Bev Oldham – Associate Principal
  • Daniel Hopwood – Staff Governor
  • Aimee Clare – Staff Governor
  • Margaret Tracy Powell – Parent Governor
  • Cllr Betty Affleck – Community Governor
  • Sara Loftus – Community Governor
  • Gwynneth Johnson – Community Governor

The Trust has the attached Scheme of Delegation. As the size of our Trust has grown significantly in the Autumn term 2018 the Scheme of Delegation is being reviewed by our new Trustees in the Spring Term 2019. This sets the context of the work of the Local Governing Board.

For the 2018 / 2019 year the following committees report to the Local Governing Board:

  • Finance and Resources (FR) – Nicky Wise (Chair), Karen Burns, Bev Oldham and Aimee Clare.
  • Pay Review (P) – Nicky Wise (Chair), Karen Burns.
  • Staff and Pupil Wellbeing (SPW) – Bev Oldham, Daniel Hopwood, Tracy Powell (Chair), Betty Affleck, Gwynneth Johnson and Sara Loftus
  • Appeals (A) – Nicky Wise and one independent member.

Garry White, Karen Burns, Bev Oldham and Aimee Clare commenced their duties in September 2016.  Cllr Betty Affleck joined in September 2017, Tracy Powell, Sara Loftus and Gwynneth Johnson joined in summer 2018 and Daniel Hopwood joined in September 2018.  Nicky Wise joined in March 2019.  All Governors serve a four year term.

Governors are required to declare any business interests which they or any member of their immediate family have.  This is a declaration of any personal or business interests they or any relative or person closely connected with them, have with businesses or other organisations that may have dealings with the Academy. If any interest a governor has could be seen to cause a conflict of interest they would be asked to withdraw from any decision making concerned.  This is to ensure that our governors can always be seen to be putting the interests of the academy first.

The following list indicates the responses from Governors for the 2018 / 2019 academic year:

  • Garry White – Education Business Consultant and Rainbow Multi Academy Trust (Liverpool) Trustee
  • Nicky Wise – None
  • Karen Burns – Partner of Team Mental Health
  • Bev Oldham – None
  • Daniel Hopwood – None
  • Aimee Clare – None
  • Margaret Tracey Powell – None
  • Cllr Betty Affleck – Tameside MBC, Ward Councillor
  • Sara Loftus – None
  • Gwynneth Johnson – None

Garry White resigned from the LGB in March 2019.  Kathryn Sullivan and David Thompstone resigned from LGB in July 2018, Laura Parle Ofuso resigned from the LGB in June 2018 and Andrew Hayday resigned from the LGB in March 2017.

You can contact the Chair of Governors, Nicky Wise through the Academy office on 0161 368 5962.

During the 2017 2018 academic year Governors met six times (three LGB, one Finance and Resources, one Staff and Pupil Wellbeing and one Pay Review meeting) with attendance as follows:

  • Garry White – Chair (LGB, SPW and Pay) attended four out of five meetings (complaints link governor).
  • Karen Burns – (LGB, FR and Pay) attended five out of five meetings.
  • Bev Oldham – (LGB, FR and SPW) attended five out of five meetings.
  • Cllr Betty Affleck – (LGB and FR) attended none of the meetings.
  • Kathryn Sullivan – (LGB and SPW) attended four out of four meetings (part year SEND and LAC link governor).
  • David Thompstone – (LGB and FR) attended three out of four meetings.
  • Laura Parle-Ofosu – (LGB) attended two out of three meetings (part year safeguarding / child protection and health and safety link governor).
  • Aimee Clare – (LGB and SPW) attended four out of four meetings.
  • Sara Loftus – (LGB) attended one out of one meeting.
  • Gwyneth Johnson – (LGB) attended one out of one meeting (part year LAC, pupil premium, safeguarding / child protection link governor).
  • Tracey Powell – (LGB) attended one out of one meeting.

If you would like to help the Academy and share your expertise by becoming a Governor please contact the Associate Principal via the Academy office who can tell you more about what the roles involves.

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