Mrs Asaturov’s Year 4 Class

Mrs Asaturov’s Year 4 Class

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Teacher: Mrs Asaturov


Twitter: @DiscoveryYear4

Teaching Assistant: Miss McBain

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Term: Spring 2

Our Learning this term:


This half term we will be finishing our work on perimeter and length before moving onto our new topics of fractions and decimals. We will still be having a strong focus on our times tables and TT Rockstars. It is important that the children are practicing their times tables throughout.


This half term we will be looking at the book ‘How to Train your Dragon’. We are going to create our own chapter for the book. We will then create a persuasive text on whether we should read the books or watch the films of the franchise.


How do telephones work? Can I make my own telephone?

In science this term, we will be focusing on sound. We will look at how sound is made and how we are able to hear it. We will then look into how different vibrations affect the sound that will be heard. With this topic we will also be looking at the scientist Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.


Why are so many European cities near the coast?

Following on from our Ancient Greek topic, we are going to be looking at the Mediterranean and why so many are around the coast. We will focus on the ideas of transportation and trade and how the Mediterranean sea links Europe, Africa and Asia.


Greek pottery

Linking to our Mediterranean topic, we are going to be looking at different styles of pottery from different areas and cultures. We will then create our own piece of pottery similar to the Greek styles.


Why is the Bible so important for Christians today?

We will be looking at why the Bible is so important to current Christians and the impact it has on every day life. We will discuss how there are stories to help Christians through life, from the creation story to parables about being lost and found. We will also focus on the Easter question: Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?


Can I create a podcast?

This half term we will look at how we can record and edit sound. We will consider what equipment is needed to create a podcast, for input as well as output. We will also discuss copyright and ownership and why it is important to know who owns content and whether we can reuse it.


Can I play the notes B, A, G, on the recorder and tunes using these notes?

We will be learning how to play the recorder. We will begin with the notes B, A and G. We will play tunes using these three notes. We will also discuss how to correctly hold and care for our recorders, as well as looking at the music notation for the tunes we play.


Can I order what I would like to eat and drink in a Spanish café?

In Spanish we are going to learn how to order a selection of typical foods, drinks and snacks from a Spanish menu and order a breakfast in Spanish. We will perform a simple role play ordering food, drink and/or snacks in a Spanish café using useful language such as’ hello’, ‘can I have…’, ‘the bill please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’.


Safety first

In this unit of work, children will consider what it means to take responsibility for their own safety. This will include the decisions they make and how they can stand up to peer pressure in a range of situations. They will learn about everyday risks, hazards and dangers and what to do in risky or dangerous situations. They will also learn about road, water and rail safety and dangerous substances: drugs (including medicines), cigarettes and alcohol. Children will look at first aid, exploring how to deal with common injuries and what to do to respond to emergency situations.

General Class Information

Reading: Each week, the children read a range of texts through their learning. They also take part in whole class or small group Reading sessions where their decoding and comprehension skills are developed with a different reading skill being focused on each day.

Home reading is to practice and consolidate their fluency, expression and comprehension. Children still being taught phonics will take two books home – 1 decodable book and 1 reading for pleasure book. The decodable book is for the children to practice their fluency and expression as well as to show their understanding through questioning. The reading for pleasure book is for the children to share with an adult and to promote a love of reading. If they are past being taught phonics they will be sent home 1 colour banded book to practise decoding and comprehension as well as 1 reading for pleasure book. Please let us know how your child has got on with their reading books using the reading record. We would like you to write a comment each time you hear your child read. If your child is in KS2 they can write in their reading record after they read 2 out of the 3 times they read it that week.

The children will also be listened to at least once every two weeks on a 1-1 basis with their teacher or teaching assistant. The class teacher or teaching assistant will change your child’s book on the day they are listened to read. We will not change a home reading book unless there is a comment in the reading record. If we do not have a comment or a book is not returned for two weeks Mrs Collins, our English curriculum leader, will contact you.

One child per half term will be nominated for being the Reading Hero for their class based on their commitment to home reading. The child will be chosen based on the evidence seen in their reading record and in class. If your child is chosen to be the class Reading Hero they will be given a prize and a certificate and acknowledged in Friday’s good work celebration assembly.


  • Task on Century due before Wednesday of each week.
  • Read at home at least 3 times
  • Go on TTRockstars twice for 10 min

PE: PE is twice a week on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Your child will participate in a dance lesson and sports/gymnastics lesson every week. It is normally expected for children to have a full PE kit kept in school at all times.

Children should not be wearing any jewellery including earrings for PE. If your child does wear earrings, please could you ensure they are taken out before school on Wednesday and Thursdays please.

Snack: Snack is to be a piece of fruit or a cereal bar. No chocolate, crisps or sweets are allowed