Mrs Collins’s Year 2 Class

On here you can learn all about what is happening in Year 2 and see all of the exciting things we have been learning!

Teacher: Mrs E Collins



Teaching Assistant: Miss N Goodson

Information for parents:

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Year 2      Term: Summer 2

Our Learning this term:

Maths: This half-term, we will start by learning about measurements, looking at length and height, mass, capacity and temperature. We will then move onto Position and direction where we will look at describing the movement of an object using positional or directional language such as clockwise, anti-clockwise. Finally, we will link this to our fractions by learning about quarter turns and half turns to the left and right.

English: In English, we will be looking at the story The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark and write our own chapter based on character that is afraid of something. We will also learn how to write a non-chronological report about animals.

Science: What do we need to do to keep ourselves healthy and fit in body and mind??

We will be looking at the work of Florence Nightingale and why she is significant in the field of health. From there, we will be looking at how animals and humans grow and develop and how a balanced diet and exercise affects our body..

Geography: What are the key points of interest in Hattersley?

In Geography, we will be looking at the local are, plotting the human and physical features in Hattersley and the surrounding areas.

DT: What impact does where you live have on the food you eat?

We will be exploring different sculptures in our area and how these have changed. We will then design and make our own sculpture to represent ourselves.

Computing: Can I explain how computer games work?

This half term, we will be learning the basics of coding, what an algorithm is and how to debug a program. We will also have an introduction to quizzes.

Music: Can I talk about the impact of gradual tempo changes in music?  We will be listening to different pieces of music and analysing how the tempo changes. We will then create our own music with different tempo changes.

RE: What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

As part of Religious Education, our focus will be looking at people who have multi-faiths and people who have no faith. We will then compare and contrast the similarities and differences.

PSHE: This half-term, our focus will be on Relationships. We will look at our relationships with each other and how our bodies are different and change as we grow up.

General Class Information

Reading:Each week, the children read a range of texts through their learning. They also take part in Whole Class Reading sessions where their decoding and comprehension skills are developed with a different reading skill being focused on each day.

Home reading is to practice and consolidate their fluency, expression and comprehension. Children still being taught phonics will take two books home – 1 decodable book and 1 comprehension book. The decodable book is for the children to practice their fluency and expression. The comprehension book is for the children to show their understanding through questioning. If they are past being taught phonics they will be sent home 1 colour banded book to practise decoding and comprehension. Please can you let us know how your child has got on with their reading books using the reading record. We would like you to write a comment each time you hear your child read.

The children will also be listened to at least once every 2 weeks on a 1-1 basis with an adult. The class teacher or teaching assistant will change your child’s book on the day they are listened to read. We will not change a home reading book unless there is a comment from you in the reading record. If we do not have a comment or a book is not returned on the correct day for two weeks Mrs Collins, our English curriculum leader, will contact you.

One child per half term will be nominated for being the Reading Hero for their class based on their commitment to home reading. The child will be chosen based on the evidence seen in their reading record. If your child is chosen to be the class Reading Hero they will be given a prize and a certificate and acknowledged in Friday’s good work celebration assembly.

Homework: Homework is on set on Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. In KS1 children are expected to go on TTRS or Numbots for 10mins at least twice, read their reading book at least 3 times a week and go on Lexia for 10minutes twice a week.

We also ask children to use the following websites to practise key skills:



Phonics Play            

Letterjoin handwriting

PE:PE is twice a week on a Monday and a Tuesday. Your child will participate in a dance lesson and sports/gymnastics lesson every week. It is normally expected for children to have a full PE kit kept in school at all times.

Children should not be wearing any jewellery including earrings. If your child does wear earrings, please could you ensure they are taken out.