EYFS Introduction

Welcome to Discovery Academy Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

In EYFS we really do see ourselves as being on a learning journey together. We recognise that everyone is at a different stage on that journey and we will all be working hard to improve and achieve, while discovering, inspiring and caring for each other.

We believe that children need a variety of learning experiences through the day. Our teachers carefully plan and structure our lessons through directed adult led lessons and then providing opportunities for the children to investigate, create and explore during our continuous provision time; so that all pupils are extended and appropriately challenged. Staff support the children through skilled questioning, interacting and facilitating. This lays the foundation stones which will enable their continued success as they progress through school.

In EYFS the focus is on developing the whole child and instilling the confidence for all children to have a go.

We very much operate as a team in Foundation Stage, and your child will meet all our staff members at some point throughout the week.

Our teachers are: Mrs Kirkbride (Nursery), Ms Shenton (Reception) and Mrs Mayers (Special Educational Needs co-ordinator and part time EYFS Teacher).

Our teaching assistants are: Mrs F Hague, Miss Katherine Bentley-Dawson (HLTA), Miss S Begum.

We look forward to working together as your child takes their first steps to making lots of memories and initiating positive first steps as they begin their educational learning journey.

You can find a copy of the Principal’s EYFS Open event presentation here.