Mr Hopwood’s Year 1 Class

On here you can learn all about what is happening in Year 1 and see all of the exciting things we have been learning!

Teacher: Mr Hopwood


Twitter: @HopwoodMr

Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Wood

Our Learning this term: Summer Term 2

Maths: In the final half term we will be looking at money, time and place value with numbers up to 100. First we will look at First we are going to look at numbers to 100, how we can make them and explore some of the relationships that they have with other numbers. Then we are going to SPEND some time looking at money, we will start by using practical resources to solve simple problems and will see the return of the famous shop of Mr H. Will finish off the year by looking at time, recognising the features of a clock, what the hands are for and be able to tell the time to the nearest quarter hour.

English: In English we will be finishing off by looking at Wombat goes walkabout which fits in with our topic of ‘The Planet’. We will also look at recipe writing with the help of ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ and will be creating our own sandwiches. Finally we will be having a go at writing our own ‘Summer Time’ inspired poems.

Science: Here we will be looking at our planet and its inhabitants which is linked to our geography topic. We will be introduced to Jacques Cousteau and will be trying to answer the question ‘Why do animals live in certain habitats?’

Geography: In geography, we will be asking:  What are the most important features of our planet? We are going to focus on the differences between living in land vs living near the sea. We will also be visiting the seaside to complete some field research around the features of a costal habitat.

Computing:  Can I make a video of myself following a recipe? We will be turning director as we plan and create a short cooking based clip that will teach the children about the importance of safely using resources, manipulation of information and of how to use equipment correctly.

Music:  Can I explain what duration means in music? We will be looking at various songs and looking at what duration is, how it affects a song and why the artist has chosen the length of a song.

RE:  How should we care for others and the world, and why does it matter? We will be spending time looking at how different faiths promote this and also how people who do identify with a faith still live by a code of conduct.

PSHE: During the final half term we are going to focus on ‘Money Matters’ linked to our studies in Maths. The children will learn about why we need money, how we earn money and importantly how we should use it within the modern world.